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KAOS: Kids Alive On Sunday is our Sunday School for children. We gather together for worship and leaning together, then split into 3 teaching groups:
babies - 6 years old. 7 - 11 and 12 - 16+.

We learn about Jesus and how we can be more like him with teaching appropriate for your child's age group.

Anyone is welcome to join us as we leave during the Sunday morning service or you may just wish to attend at 11:15am for this special time.

If you require Junior Soldier uniforms please visit this
link, purchase and embroidery are all handled by Tesco F&F
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This is accessible to anyone from the age of 13 - 25.

We regularly spend time together in Christian fellowship through sharing food and conversation as well as activities and games and time to chill out.

As a group we try to meet for social and special events such as ice skating and movie nights.

We welcome new students and teens any time of the year.
Come along and see what you think.